The traditional cuisine of the country of cherry blossoms

Japan is famous for its fresh food, noodles … Coming to Japan, try the following traditional dishes: See more: What are Japanese street food attractions for tourists? Typical Japanese dishes you should know List of traditional Japanese dishes 1. Sushi seafood Sushi is an indispensable dish in traditional Tet holidays in Japan. The main ingredients of Sushi are […]

Places to visit cannot be missed when visiting Japan

It can be affirmed that Japan is a country that possesses many interesting landscapes that this article cannot tell. In addition to the cultural and economic centers such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Mount Fuji, Okinawa Sea … you can visit the following Japanese tourist destinations : 1. Horyuji Buddhist architectural complex Horyuji Buddhist architectural complex has been recognized by […]

Select a vehicle when going to Japan

1. Vehicles move to Japan The plane is the fastest and most convenient means for you to begin your journey of exploring your country of cherry blossoms. But to fly to Japan, you are required to make a visa first. The duration of the visa lasts about 1 month. Currently, there are 3 airlines that are quite […]

Japanese travel experiences need to know

Are you planning to make a trip to Japan this year? So have you prepared for yourself a Japanese travel experience ? If not yet fixed, what should be pocketed before traveling in the country tea ceremony, swordsmanship, then join us to consult some important information later. Japan is a country that possesses unique culture and majestic and attractive […]

The experience cannot be ignored

The capital of the Finnish nation is a city of parks, mountain forests, and water. It can be said that Helsinki is the only true city of Finland, and was named the daughter of Baltic. Helsinki possesses architectures that take on the country’s history, reminiscent of the ancient architecture of Russia and Sweden, when Finland still […]


DAY 5 : LAS VEGAS – HOOVE DAM (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) Car and HDV take you to visit Las Vegas – the most populous city in the state of Nevada is the capital of Clark county and the popular resort, gambling and culinary popular is known as the entertainment capital of the world. gender, famous […]


DAY 1: HÀ NỘI – TAIPEI – NEW YORK (Overnight flight) Car and tour guide (HDV) to pick you up at the Opera House to depart for Noi Bai international airport for procedures to fly to New York, USA, transit and connecting in Hong Kong. You land at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), car and […]