Where to go when traveling to Iceland? Famous places for sightseeing and tourism in Iceland

Reykjavik capital

Not only is the big city, the capital of Iceland, but Reykjavik is also considered an attractive tourist city, a favorite destination for many people. Here you can not only discover the peaceful life, with the colorful and interesting streets. Moreover, if you have the opportunity to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland , you should not miss the experience of watching the moon and winter or watching the sunrise at midnight in the summer, especially the night aurora image. until dawn. Certainly, Reykjavik city will leave you with a lot of impressive and memorable experiences.

Reykjavik capital

Blue Lagoon hot spring

Where to play when traveling to Iceland? If you have not found a suitable stop, visit the Blue Lagoon hot spring to relax. This place is considered a fairyland, with steaming hot spring water streams, creating a fanciful, impressive natural scenery. Besides, hot spring water here also works to cure many diseases and is very good for health, because it contains many minerals that are very beneficial for the body. Perhaps it is because of these special things that make this place become an attractive tourist destination in Iceland, always many tourists.

Thingvellir National Park

Referring to the beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in Iceland , it is impossible not to mention Thingvellir National Park, the favorite destination of many local tourists, as well as international tourists. Here you can not only see the wonderful natural scenery of Thingvellir, but you also discover the beautiful and ancient architectural works, the most prominent one is the parliament building. More specifically, if you don’t like walking, being able to rent a car around Iceland’s ocean ring is also an exciting experience.


Gullfoss Waterfall (also known as “Golden Falls” – golden waterfall)

One of the most beautiful and interesting tourist sites in Iceland that you must go there is Gullfoss Falls, a large waterfall flowing from a height of 32m, launching white foam, creating a fuzzy, virtual natural space. Virtual, alternating are majestic mountains, creating a picturesque nature. Moreover, Gullfoss waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Iceland, so it attracts many international visitors every year.


Finally Hverir, the unique tourist destination in Iceland has been dubbed the “magic room paradise”. Because it possesses many scenes, as well as strange wonders like those on fictional films such as: Large mud pools containing sulfur, so often the phenomenon of foaming and evaporation, but the barren land is full of moss, green prairies, … creating a diverse natural landscape.


What to eat when traveling to Iceland? Delicious food, attractive specialties in Iceland

Hákarl – Rotten shark

If you are looking for good food, famous specialties in Iceland , Hákarl rotten shark is an attractive dish you should enjoy. The dish uses ingredients from the Greenland sharks (poisoned fish), is cleanly prepared, cut off the head, then buried in sand, stone and gravel for about 6 – 12 weeks. Then take the fish and bring it to dry for a few months to use it. When you enjoy it for the first time, you may not be familiar with it, so you will feel an unpleasant taste, but the longer you eat, the more delicious, attractive and strange taste will feel. Certainly this dish will make you remember the taste for that.
– This dish you can easily buy in stores, but the price is quite high. So according to Iceland travel experience I recommend you buy at Kolaportið flea market to buy the best price (Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays).

The fat rotten Hakarl

Svið – Sheep head

What to eat when traveling to Iceland? Svið lamb head dish is an attractive dish that you should enjoy even once. The dish seems to look a bit “horror” a bit, because the whole sheep’s head is used in addition and processed to eat. However, when enjoying the delicious taste, charming of Svið will make you love it. The best part of the sheep’s head is the tongue and the flesh under the jaw, but for the first-time eaters it is often the first to eat the skin and meat.

Rúbbrauð – Rye bread

Referring to the delicious food, attractive specialties in Iceland , it is impossible not to mention the Ragbrau rye bread, the favorite dish of many people. With a simple recipe, but it brings an extraordinary delicious taste. When enjoying you can use this bread with a lot of other special ingredients such as butter, ham, tuna, cheese, … to create more attractive flavors.

Rye bread

Iceland-style donuts – Kleinur

Not only is the dish much loved by people, but the dish is also a famous delicacy in Iceland . Kleinur donuts with a simple recipe, have a delicious taste, and an eye-catching shape that impresses guests. You can eat Kleinur donuts with tea or coffee, so you can enjoy the food to the fullest.

Waffle cake with rhubarb jam

Is the most beloved cake in Iceland and is also a popular cake, processed by many families to eat daily. Although there is something unique about the cake, the sweet taste of waffle cake blended with the royal jelly has created an attractive attraction for the dish.

Waffle cake with rhubarb jam

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Iceland tourism is interesting, isn’t it? Hopefully , the above mentioned self-sufficient, safe and convenient Iceland travel sharing article will help you to update the necessary information for the trip. I wish you a memorable journey.